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Santiago Matalonga
I am a Lecturer in Software Engineering at the University of the West of Scotland.
My research efforts are aimed at building theory on what it takes to develop quality software. I have studied process models, like CMMI, a couple of ISO standards. I have also researched in agile development environments with a technical debt viewpoint. Currently, I am working on developing and evaluating secure software architectures, and in testing ubiquitous and context-aware software systems.

Before UWS, I was a research professor at Universidad ORT Uruguay. Since 2009 to 2017, I help develop software engineering research at Universidad ORT Uruguay, through the Centro de Investigación en Innovación en Ingneiería de Software (fi.ort.edu.uy/CI3S).

I have also had an active role in the Uruguayan IT industry, providing independent consultancy in projects ranging from standards adoption to organization strategy. I have helped IT organizations transform their development lifecycle to agile, to achieve ISO certifications, and to overall streamline their delivery process. I have led them to tangible results in most my engagements).